No: 312, 12 October 2022, Press Release Regarding the European Commission 2022 Country Report on Türkiye

Republic Of Türkiye Ministry Of Foreign Affairs 12.10.2022

2022 Country Report on Türkiye published today by the European Commission reveals once again that the European Union (EU) lacks the strategic approach and the vision towards Türkiye. This Report which ignores the obligations of the EU towards Türkiye and displays double standards is yet another example of the EU’s biased stance when it comes to Türkiye.

While the importance of cooperation and the collective action against common challenges were underlined in the first meeting of the European Political Community held on 6 October with the participation of our President, it is regrettable that this spirit of solidarity is not reflected in the Report. We do not accept the unfounded claims and unjust criticism, in particular on the political criteria and on Judiciary and Fundamental Rights Chapter. We totally reject the unjust claims purported by the EU, which has so far refused to remove the political obstacles before the negotiating chapters, directing at our political system, politicians, senior officials, fundamental rights and freedoms in Türkiye, as well as certain court rulings and our legitimate fight against terrorism.

The parts of the Report addressing the Eastern Mediterranean, Aegean and Cyprus issues as usual reflect the unlawful and maximalist views of the Greek/Greek Cypriot duo. The fact that the Report, by ignoring the Turkish Cypriots and by refusing to mention the opinions of Türkiye and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, reveals clearly that it has been drafted to serve the interests of some circles. We remind once again that the EU is not an international judicial body to determine maritime jurisdiction areas. This manner of the EU is against both its own acquis and the international law.

Likewise it is a complete oddity that Türkiye is criticised for its non-compliance with the EU sanctions in relation to the Russia-Ukraine war albeit it does have no obligation to comply with such sanctions. We emphasize once again that the grain export and exchange of prisoners of war between the parties could have only been possible thanks to the principled stance of Türkiye.

Taking the current geopolitical challenges into account, the EU should consider Türkiye as a negotiating candidate country rather than as a third state to resort when necessary and act accordingly in line with the principle of pacta sunt servanda. EU's reports will only be taken into consideration as long as it adopts such an approach.


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