Vaşington Büyükelçiliği 30.03.2012

• Turkish Government will offer short summer scholarships for a study trip for high-profile, successful Master and PhD students interested in late Ottoman history and contemporary Turkey.

• The aim of the project is to provide wide-ranging first hand information on Turkey, promote social and academic exchanges among the participants and their Turkish counterparts. 


• Applicants to the study trip must be a Master or PhD student of Turcology, History, International Relations, Political Science, Journalism, Law or Public Administration.

• This year’s scholarship programme is open to students from the following countries: France, USA, Canada, UK, Republic of Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Russian Federation, Netherlands, Greece, Bulgaria, Australia, Austria.


• All travel and accommodation expenses of the study trip will be covered by the Republic of Turkey.

• The programme will include 30 participants. 

• The programme, excursions and discussions will be in English.

• Participants of the study trip will be required to arrive in Turkey on 9 July 2012 and fully participate to the programme that ends on 17 July 2012 (Please see the draft programme below).

• Participants will be requested to provide an evaluation paper by 30 July 2012 on the programme and their perception of Turkey.


• Applications will be made to the Turkish Embassy in Washington D.C. to the following address: 


• Applicants will be requested to provide a CV, motivation letter and transcript in English. 


• The deadline for applications is 25 April 2012.

(9-17 JULY 2012)

Monday July 9, 2012            Arrival in Istanbul and transfer to the hotel
20:00                                Dinner

Tuesday July 10, 2012

09:00-10:00                       Visit to the Archaeological Museum and The Tiled Pavilion
11:00-12:00                       Visit to the Basilica Cistern
12:30-13:30                       Lunch
14:00-15:30                       Visit to the Bosporus University
16.00-18.00                       Visit to the Grand Bazaar
20:00                               Dinner

Wednesday July 11, 2011

09:00-11:00                      Visit to the Hagia Sophia Museum-Conference by Ass. Prof. Haluk Dursun (Director of the Hagia Sophia Museum)
11:00-12:00                      Visit to the Istanbul Photography Museum
12:30-14:00                      Lunch
14:30-16:30                      Visit to the Prime Ministry Ottoman Archives
17:00-19:30                      Boat tour
20:00                              Dinner

Thursday July 12, 2012

09:00-12:00                     Visit to the Topkapi Palace
12:30-13:30                     Lunch
14:00-17:00                     Visit to the National Palaces (Beylerbeyi Palace)
17:30-19:00                     Visit to the Church Vortvots Vorodman and the Neve Shalom Synagogue
20:00                             Dinner

Friday July 13, 2012

07:30                              Departure from the Hotel
09:00                              Flight to Ankara
11:00                              Transfer to Hotel
11:30-12:15                      Visit to the Mausoleum of Atatürk
12:45-13:45                      Lunch by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
14:30-15:30                      Briefing at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
16:00-18:00                      Visit to the Turkish Historical Society and Conference
20:00                              Dinner (with the participation of the Minister of Culture and Tourism H.E. Mr. Ertuğrul GÜNAY)

Saturday July 14, 2012

10:00-11:00                      Visit to the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations
11:00-12:00                      Visit to the Museum of Ethnography
12:30-14:00                      Lunch at the Ankara Castle
15:00-17:00                      Panel discussion at Bilkent University
17:00-19:00                      Free time
20:00                              Dinner

Sunday July 15, 2012

09:00                               Departure from Ankara to Hattusha/Boğazkale
12:00                               Arrival in Hattusha
12:30-13:30                       Lunch
14:00-17:00                       Visit to the Historical Site
17:30                               Departure to Ankara
20:30                               Dinner

Monday July 16, 2012

07:30                                Departure from the Hotel
09:20                                Flight to Erzurum
11:15                                Arrival in Erzurum
12:00                                Transfer to Hotel
12:30-13:30                        Lunch
13:45-14:30                        Visit to the Double Minaret Madrasah and The Three Vaults
14:45-15:30                        Visit to the Yakutiye Madrasah (Turkish-Islamic Arts and Ethnography)
15:30-16:00                        Visit to the Forts of Aziziye
16:00-18:00                        Visit to the Museum of Archaeology (Conference)
20:00                                 Dinner

Tuesday July 17, 2012

Flight from Erzurum to İstanbul and following international flights.    


Sinan Kuzum Consul General
Monday - Friday

08:30 - 12:30 / 14:00 - 17:00

In-person Application Hours: 09:00 - 12:30
1/1/2024 1/1/2024 New Year
1/15/2024 1/15/2024 Martin Luther King Jr. Day
2/19/2024 2/19/2024 Presidents' Day
4/10/2024 4/10/2024 1st Day of Eidl al-Fitr
5/27/2024 5/27/2024 Memorial Day
6/17/2024 6/17/2024 1st Day of Eid al-Adha
6/19/2024 6/19/2024 Juneteenth National Independence Day
7/4/2024 7/4/2024 US Independence Day
9/2/2024 9/2/2024 Labor Day
10/14/2024 10/14/2024 Columbus Day
11/11/2024 11/11/2024 Veterans Day
11/28/2024 11/28/2024 Thanksgiving Day
12/25/2024 12/25/2024 Christmas Day